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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 6, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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looking out for you. >> donald trump calls jon huntsman presidential campaign a joke and now the gop hopeful is fighting back. >> this is not about ratings for donald trump, this is about the people. >> jon huntsman is here to respond. >> i have never supported the act. >> who is hot, who is not? pollster frank luntz is here with the political ads that are hitting airwaves in swing states all across the country. the anointed one's identity crisis continues as the president tries to re band himself as the second coming of theodore roosevelt.
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we will check in with dana perino and stewart varney. and she claims she had information that could derail newt gingrich's presidential aspirations, but now nancy pelosi has changed her tune. we have the latest. we are on the road to 2012, and has been city starts right here right now. >> and people have a big decision to make in coming weeks and months, they must decide who to support for the gop presidential nomination. some conservatives are starting to look in the direction of former governor jon huntsman. donald trump recently opposed him. he opposes farm supcy disand he is called no child left behind a disaster but not everyone is convinced. one man who remains unimpressed with the governor is donald trump. during my interview with the always outspoken entrepreneur
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yesterday, he talked about why some aren't participating in his upcoming iowa debate. >> ron paul has zero chance, zero, of getting elected or getting the nomination. he will do okay in iowa and after iowa he will fade into oblivion. ron paul, frankly that some of these people aren't there, huntsman is another one. he called my office and wanted a meeting and i didn't give it to him. maybe should have, but i again give it to him and then he comes up in the debates and says unlike you people, i didn't go to see donald trump. he's a mormon so i'm shire wouldn't lie about it. the fact that all of these people, the two people we are talking about, i'm glad they aren't going to be there because then i can sort of focus on people who really have a chance of winning. >> earlier today mitt romney announced he would not attend the trump moderated debate either. joining me to spoken to that for, former utah governor, presidential candidate jon
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huntsman. thanks for being with us. >> night to being with you. >> did you call jon huntsman. >> i called him after he dropped out of the race, just like i did tim pawlenty. i think infusing himself into the dialogue dumbs down and makes it less consequential the issues we need to address to get this country back on its feet again. this isn't about ratings for donald trump, this is about jobs for the american people. who is who can beat president obama. and dealing with the two biggest deficits we face, one economic and the other the trust deficit. >> i read donald trump book, it's serious about how to make america toucher and stronger. i think he has a lot of good proposals in that book. i'm not sure why you say he dumbs it down. he's somebody that has been very successful. why are you insulting him? >> there's no doubt about that. he's a successful man. he might want to run as an
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independent. i say when you start moving into politics as entertainment, which is exactly what this is, and when you put an show and say afterwards you might pick your favorite contender, this becomes more politics as entertainment as opposed to politics as part of a serious dialogue that this country has been waiting for. and i say we need to get back to the issues, we need to get back to the kind of discussion, sean, that i'm going to be regular with newt gingrich and new hampshire in a few short days where we are going to have a run-on conversation about national security policy and defense policy in ways that i think will really enlighten the american people. >> let me ask you this. here are the latest poll numbers, beginning 37, i'm talking about the latest gallop poll, romney at 22, ron paul 8 and you have one percent of the vote. here's my question to you. why wouldn't you want every opportunity, and i think one. problems you faced from the beginning is you are unknown to the american people. why not take advantage of every opportunity, whether or not you are going to have a chance to be asked questions and answer them,
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national tv exposure, why not take advantage. the opportunity and free airtime and get your point of view out instead of make a big deal over who is asking the questions. i'm not particularly impressed of the so-called moderators of the debates heretofore. >> there ought to be? dignity associated with running for the office of the president of the united states. i think it goes beyond a reality show kind of format. people are coming around and taking a good look at me, maybe for the first time and they are saying that i am a coon sis tent conservative. they might not have seen that the first go around, they of might have waved it off because we crossed partisan lines to seven as u.s. ambassador to china, but they are coming around to so i have been consistently pro life, and healthcare reform without a man date, the second voucher bill, i support the ryan plan, the list goes on and on.
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there's no surprise we are moving up in new hampshire is of which is the state we are seriously competing. >> let me ask you this. you were appointed by barack obama as ambassador to china. if you won the nomination you would run against barack obama. do you redirect having served the administration under him? do you think his foreign policy has been good with china? >> sean, when you are asked to serve your country during a time of war, during a time of economic hardship, when you have something that you can bring to the table to make your country better and stronger, i say it would be unpatriotic of me not to step up and serve. i have a always believed in putting my country first. >> i got that. but for example, if barack obama, which would never happen, i mean, everyone would acknledge this, but i couldn't serve under him. i would have such a deep philosophical divide on every major issue, we see things differently. i'm not questioning if he's a
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great american. has nothing to do with that. we see lifem2tyb)aáa'oly. i would have a hard time working for him. how do you go from working for him and then competing against him? you know, for example, do you find that yourself in agreement with many things with barack obama? >> listen, i found myself serving my country in a very sensitive national security foreign policy post. i was a conservative governor before. i am a consistent conservative candidate now. because you step up and serve your country, it doesn't mean you resign your political affiliation, it doesn't mean you change your world view. it simply means during a time when maybe we ought to be putting our country first and foremost, you are willing to step up and do a position i was qualified for. i spent 30 years of my life trying to crack the code on asia, i spoke chinese, each served as ambassador three times. if you believe in that kind of service and you have two boys in the military, as i do, we tend to put country first. >> i'm not questioning your
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patriotism. >> you stand up and serve. >> look at the unequal trade balance between the u.s. and china. as ambassador, do you think we could have done more, you could have done more, obama could have done more to stop that i am -- imbalance and does it concern you? >> the trade imbalance is going to begin to address itself when china's currency problem begins to be addressed and that is driven by their own entrepreneurs. their own people want them to be more domestically. i say when they begin to re balance their economy toward more. consumption-based model, we get more export opportunities, which is more jobs created here in the united states. that's what our future looks like, and i athat expands our economic opportunity, and i'm in favor of that. i did everything i could to help move that along and i will continue to. >> all right. i hope you are ready for the incoming fire from trump. i don't think he's going to sit
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back and take these comments lightly tonight. >> i'm ready for it. >> you will need your three daughters to come up with a song because he will fire back strong. that's my prediction. >> thank you, sean. >> as the 2012 campaign season continues to heat up, the polittal ads are coming out. first it was lincoln and then fdr, you are never guess who president obama is now trying to brand himself as. we have people in the
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s. >> former speaker of the knows newt gingrich is now standing as the clear frontrunner for the gop nomination. in a number of states, gingrich is securing 33% of the vote from likely iowa cause cuss goers compared to 18% from mitt romney and ron paul. and new numbers from a university poll shows the former speaker with a double-digit lead over the second place candidate mitt romney. rick perry comes had a distant third in that one, and a new gallop poll, gingrich leads romney and all the other candidates trailing in single digits. joining me with an analysis of the latest policy, and plus other look at the ads across the country, frank luntz, pollster. how are you? >> sean, i'm tired. we have so many ads coming out.
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>> no whining. i don't want to hear you are tired. we are all tired. we are all working hard. first of all, i did two concerts this weekend. we do a shaw ltd. to the troops for christmas, one in pittsburgh and one in d.c.. i asked the crowd, gingrich by far. it may not mean much. thousands of people. what does this mean to you? do you think it's real? >> everything i see across the country, mitt romney played it too safe, too conservative. he didn't go out and didn't show compassion, not commitment. he didn't campaign in iowa. newt gingrich doesn't have advertising dollars. he only started advertising in the last 48 hours. he doesn't have an organization. he doesn't have a fundraising team, and yet he's got the most important thing of all, message. that's why he's doing well. >> i would say today is the day, as i read the blogs and i read,
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quote, the establishment, because whoever wins this nomination i will support fully. we can't afford obama for four more years. here's the question, though. the next three weeks, the next six weeks, the next six weeks it's going to be beat upgoing like they about pawlenty and bachman and rick perry and herman cain. will newt gingrich be able to withstand the attacks that are coming? >> he's got two debates and the one on december 15th, sean, i predict is going to be the most watched debate of the entire primary cycle. for newt gingrich to secure that nomination he has to demonstrate in those debates he cab take the heat of the mod moderators, the candidates and the public. people are watching the debates and watching the language behind them. >> le's look at the ads. let's start with gingrich. here's his first ad in iowa. >> we can revive our economy and create jobs, shrink government and the regulations that strangle our businesses.
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throw out the tax code and replace it with one that is simple and fair. we can re gain the world's respect by standing strong again, being true to our faith, and respecting one another. we can return power to the people and to the states we live in so we will all have more freedom, opportunity and control of our lives. yes, working together we can and will re build the america we love. all right. to the critical 70% among the gop and above 50 for democrats. that's interesting. >> which is what is happening. this is what i don't understand and i would like to be able to say i can explain it to you, but i can't. i know that most of the polls do not see gingrich moving up among independents and democrats. he's doing well specifically among republicans. but, sean, i'm going to tell you, in the work i'm doing the last few days, gingrich has begun to move up among those people in the center because they are looking for someone not
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just with ideas but with solutions. we've got to give gingrich credit. intellectually he's always pushing the envelope, always trying harder to look deeper into some of the problems that we have and people in the center appreciate it. >> i think it is serious because these are serious times. so it doesn't surprise me. but, look, we all acknowledge this is a snapshot. we see many shifts as this campaign has gone on. itit will be interesting to wat. crossroads, gps, take away obama paw's blank check. let's look at this ad. >> i supported president obama because he spoke so beautifully. but since then things have gone from bad to much worse. he said spending hundreds of billions on a stimulus would create more jobs. but now all we've got is a lot more debt and more people out of work. instead of fixing healthcare, my mom's medicare will be cut and her health insurance premiums went up. our country has got this huge debt and obama said raise taxes
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and keep spending more? doesn't washington know we can't afford more taxes and debt? >> 82-75 on that one. >> sean, we tested over 3ads in 2011. that one, and i believe it is produced by larry mccontact think, is the single most political ad of 2011. all the thoughts that woman has are thoughts so many americans have. they are afraid of the future, they are anxious about the present, they are concerned about their kids and the direction of the country. the way that ad is put together, when you get to hear when she's thinking, it's real language of real day-to-day americans. the best ad of 2011. >> wow, coming from you, frank luntz, that means a lot. we will see you at that fox news debate on thursday, what is it, the 16th or 15th? 16th? all right, 15th. somewhere, thursday of next week. how is that? >> i'm team see you anytime, sean. >> now you are fudging the truth
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there, mr. luntz. i saw a twinkle in the eye. coming up, president obama was in kansas today trying to invoke the spirit. teddy roosevelt to rush through his agenda, but only gave the people more class warfare rhetoric. now nancy pelosi is backtracking on comments she made about having dirt on newt gingrich. having dirt on newt gingrich. whether he g fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore. ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot an on-the-go expense app made exclusively for ink customers. custom categorize your expenses anywhere. save time and get back to what you love. the latest innovation. only for ink customers. learn more at
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>> now president obama is liking himself to the great abraham lincoln. he was in identify crisis mode today when he traveled to a small town in kansas. the same place where teddy roosevelt laid out his new nationalism agenda more than one hundred years ago. and obama used good old-fashioned class warfare rhetoric. >> i believe this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair shot. the market only works when there are rules of the road that ensures competition is fair. we are greater together. when everyone engages in fair play and everybody gets a fair
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shot, and everybody does their fair share. a tax code that makes sure everybody pace their share share. rebuild this economy based on a fair play, play shot and fair share, will require all of us to see that we have a stake in each other's success. >> now the president may like to think of himself as the second coming of lincoln, teddy roosevelt, harry truman, jfk, i think he's more like jimmy carter the second or 1.0. joining me, stewart varney. interesting things. who is the jp morgan of our me? the big railroad barren, mr. stewart had. >> i don't know. >> the one percent that pace tax pass? he's decided to go with the 47% that pay nothing and the other 20% that pay little? >> i'm listening to that very carefully. it re minds me of a british
9:25 pm
socialist, frankly, from the 1940s, 50s. the things he is saying today is a flat-out left wing statement of intent for the next year and the next four years. he says, look, that's correct cuts don't work. he said supply-side economics does not work. he said rug he had individualism does not work. that sounds to me like a eupean. he's just like a european. he wants to take us down that road. surely he's looking across the pond. they are bankrupt. can't you see this? i can't believe it's such a stark left wing statement as we got this afternoon. >> i wrote these down earlier today. hope and change, yes, we can. yes, we did recover this summer, win the future, new foundation, better this, pass this bill, we can't wait, country before party, i need four more years to finish the job. >> and he's got one -- >> which one? >> fair share. it's like a mantra. what i want to know is why do
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they get to decide what is the fair share? i mean, it bothered me. if you look across all -- across the states and also in his own democratically controlled senate, you do not have support for the kind of tax increase that is he's advocating for. with all these comparisons to preach presidents and even if he doesn't say i'm just like lincoln or i'm just like reagan, he makes these comparisons like cloaked in secret. but then he that is supporters of his that are out there comparing him. i don't understand why can't he just be himself? >> let's be real quick here. bumper sticker for republican, do you want four more years of this, are you better off than four years ago? give me a bumter sticker for this campaign. stewart varney. >> i'm not good at bumper stickers. >> i'll give you one. barack obama. he can't say anything positive about his four years in office. four more years? >> how about his record? >> he's arguing things would be
9:27 pm
worse if it's not for me but that's hard to prove and it will be up to the republican candidate, whoever that is, to or tick late a message to say you are not better off than four years ago and i'll tell you something, you will be a lot worse off if he gets another chance. >> we are heading into the primary silly season with the first caucus, iowa 27 days away. you see the intensity building. the attacks against gingrich are ratcheting up, romney and gingrich are fighting. you have the candidates that aren't doing as well in the polls, they are now throwing a lot more punches. >> like ron paul today with an ad against gingrich. he's making a very serious play for iowa. >> you know what? he may be the one guy that outperforms expectations in iowa. does that carry into new hampshire, south carolina, florida, super tuesday? >> probably not for ron ball but i guess stranger things could happen. they have put some real money into it. the ad they did today was not just an internet ad. they bought time in iowa so they
9:28 pm
are putting their money where their mouth is. >> i ask you going, is this now breaking up into tea party versus establishment? because it sure feels-like although it to me in terms of the e-mail i'm getting and the response from people. >> i think there's been some coalescing. it's going to come down between two people. >> i know you are on the tea party side. >> well, i like them all. and i think the fact that they have been able to coalesce under the fact they just want to beat president obama, not because of the person but because of the policies. >> i think we are going to have a very stark choice in november of next year. regardless of what is on the republican side, it will be a stark choice between more government, more leftism and something to do with private enterprise, prosperity and growth. it doesn't matter who the republican candidate is. that is the message that he or she will articulate. >> what i'm say to go conservatives, because everybody is now split. some people support gingrich, some romney, some paul, where
9:29 pm
are you going to be 120 days from now when it's probably apparent who is likely to get the nomination? will conservatives, will accomplishment come together or will they split? >> what's more important to you, sean, winning or the most conservative candidate? >> i vote for a pot the plant over obama. we cannot afford four more years of this. we cannot. >> do you believe that newt gingrich could win? >> yes. >> that romney could win? >> yes. >> michele bachmann could win? >> yes. >> all of the above? >> yes. >> they could all win you think? >> yes and i would proudly support this nomination. i have not made up my mind. this process has been healthy because we've vetted everybody. >> and the debate fox news is having next thursday night. >> going to be huge. >> the stakes are really high for all the candidates. thing is the republicans have to remember that just because they are bashing one another now through the primary season, we will get through that but you have to have that. that's why you have a primary
9:30 pm
contest. we get through that and still they will attack president obama but then the battle will be joined and i do think the republican can win next november. >> it's the most important election since 1980 and i hope there's the same outcome. >> very well said. >> very, very serious tonight. >> my wife said that dana was very gracious in her ability. >> that's nice. >> and in handling bob beckel. >> it takes a certain amount of -- >> skill. >> patience. >> patience? >> she does it. >> thank you. >> good to see you. still ahead tonight, our great, great, great american panel will be coming up. but first nancy pelosi appears to be backing away from her threats to bring down the gingrich campaign while the republican candidate announces a stunning new attack ad targeting the frontrunner. will it work? [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪
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>> just like that the former san francisco speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, changes her tune regarding comments she recently made about presidential candidate newt gingrich. the house minority leader previously claimed she was sitting on 1,000 pages of material that could be potentially damaging to gingrich's presidential campaign. now now a spokesperson is doing damage control explaining, quote, leader pelosi was clearly referring to the amount of material in the public record and the committee report with which the public may not be fully aware. of course she was. but just to be sure, gingrich himself had a flipped reminder and a few choice words for his former colleague. >> i want to thank speaker pelosi for what i regard as an early christmas gift. what she is suggesting she's going to use material that she developed while she was on the ethics committee. that is a fundamental violation of the rules of the house and i hope members would immediately file charges against her the second she does it. here with reaction, he had
9:36 pm
rollins, and the co-host of the five, she too deals with beckel every day -- how do you do it? >> i manhandle him. >> he saw that. you actually beat him up. >> and he likes it. >> you've got everybody beating him up and he loves every minute of it. all right. newt is right. this would be a violation of house rules. >> absolutely. >> and equally as important, you know, it would only enhance him. if nancy pelosi, the most unpopular entering in modern times, is the person going after him using documents that were gained through an ethical hearing, he will only benefit by it. you can use whatever you want of the public record but at the end of the day that's a fight that he will only benefit from. >> interestingly, almost all but one of the charges he was exonerated was a small issue in the end. >> right. >> and they negotiated that at the end. >> right. >> 83 out of 84 he was cleared. and three years later the irs actually miss dismissed charges
9:37 pm
on him in terms of any problems with campaign finances, et cetera. he was exonerated. so where is the story here? you want to try to bring up something that would be inappropriate for you to do? it will backfire. >> what was she trying to do, scare him, intimidate him? ments. >> you don't scare newt. i have been a friend and ally of him for a long, long time and i have watch the best them take him on. i'm an old boxer, 50 years ago, he's joe fraser. >> he can take a punch? >> he can, and he's more than happy to do it. if anybody thinks you are going to chase him out of this race or he will get in a fetal position and crawl under the bed, he's been through wars since he first came to congress in 1970 as a back bencher. he took out a very powerful speaker. >> jim wright. >> and a tough player. >> and it tells me they are worried. they are worried about -- >> about gingrich? >> absolutely because he has the experience and knowledge and has the stamina to make it happen. everyone was trying to tell him to get out, he refused because he had a mission because he believed in this about the country and bringing us back to
9:38 pm
our former greatness. i heard him speak last night and i was really impressed and also callista, ice wife. they are dedicated and in it to win it. they really are. >> i think that is all true. here's what i predict will happen and you have been in a lot of political races, ed. the next three, four weeks and as we head into the caucuses and primary, one after another, he's now facing the toughest moment of his campaign. >> no question. >> because they will try to smear, throw everything at him. how does he survive? >> i think he can survive. he's sort of the last one to get settled on. you are getting into the christmas holiday season. >> that helps him. >> it helps him. he needs to put an organization together quickly. but he has good poll numbers. they are getting stronger. romney has the organization, he has the money, he has the people, he can draw it out. but at the end of the day gingrich is going to be real factor. >> is it gingrich versus romney? >> absolutely. >> honestly speaking, i respect everyone in the race but this is
9:39 pm
coming down to two people, newt and mitt. this could be over very quickly. depending on how iowa turns out and new hampshire and we know he's ahead, newt is, in florida and south carolina. >> proportional transaction puts a little -- it's not pinner takes owl. >> but i think he gets drawn out a little bit. the four states to go early have had their delegates cut in off. people in florida and even new hampshire. so my sense is some of these other candidates who may not make it in the sense of winning iowa, what have you, may hang on. they may follow gingrich. the state they all have to worry about is south carolina. toughest, dirt west. >> have to win it to win. >> and my sense is people like perry and michele bachmann, others, it will be the last straw and it will be a tough field. >> it will be fun to watch. good to so you both. time to check in with greta
9:40 pm
van susteran. by the way, i have to write you a note. i'm not even going to tell you why. >> do we have a new hero? >> yep. >> i know who it is. >> all right. go ahead. >> all right. anyway, we are going to pick up where you left off. speaker gingrich is going to be here. i asked about the spat with former speaker nancy pelosi about who you just spoke. donald trump is here as well and brit hume. you don't want to miss the show. stick around. >> greta is coming up 20 short minutes from now. let not your heart be traveled, the great, great, great american the great, great, great american panel, i seed deirdreny great ps before me, guided only by a dream. i'm embarking on a journey of epic proportion. i will travel, from sea to shining sea, through amber waves of grain, and i won't stop until i've helped every driver in america save hundreds on car insurance. well i'm out of the parking lot. that's a good start. geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent,
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>> tonight on the great, great american panel. he, our good friend bob ehrlich is back. and he will be starring at cangs kansas city improv.
9:45 pm
why do you read like you are a 90-year-old man? >> i have no idea. >> because i wear glasses and they won't let me wear them on tv, that's why. >> and she, this is a long intro, is the founder of what is this? >> deirdre imus, the toe conder of imus cattle ran. , wife of radio host don imus. >> could you sound a little less enthusiastic? >> you didn't need to read all that. >> how are you? >> and i just told your husband these guys are hitting on you. >> i touched her shoulder. >> imus is going to excoriate you. >> he told me i'm the same height. >> i saw that. what was that? >> the governor tweeted her an inappropriate picture.
9:46 pm
>> he did a weiner. he did an anthony weiner. >> you are all bad. >> this is good. >> don and i were e-mailing this week. he hates gingrich. i'm like what's up? why? >> because he wants lower taxes, he balanced the budget once before and welfare reform. >> he's unethical. come on. >> unethical about what? >> fat newt. >> now you are stealing your husband's line? >> i have to steal some. trying to be funny. no, serious le. >> your husband. he's the only guy that can -- is he the same guy he was ten years ago? or is he a better person today? >> my husband or newt. >> yeah, your husband. >> i don't know, better every day. better every day. >> how many years have you been married? >> eighteen. and it's been the two best years of my life. [laughter] >> all right. >> there you go. you win the debate. >> can a person change from thirteen years ago? i interviewed newt and this is
9:47 pm
what he said. i'm 68 years old, i'm a grandfather. i would like to think i've matured. i've learned from my mistakes. i really found my faith in the last number of years. everyone said, oh, he's still the same guy. nobody can change. >> no, i think people can change. i think he probably has changed. i think time allows people to forgive. you know, you remember when you were like and 13 years ago. >> the only thing that hasn't changed is your staff is not allowed to make eye contact with you. but other than that. >> that's me. you are talking about another host. >> the issue is is he a manager? the smartest guy in the room, the big brain, the great history. can he manage? in my view, that's -- >> you are supporting romney? >> but i like newt. i just think romney is a better candidate. >> by the way, this is not about the general election. >> but brit hume had some really
9:48 pm
great thoughts, and he said he's undisciplined intellectually, and i agree with that. >> tell me where? outside of the very beginning of his campaign when it fell apart, from that point on what has he done that's undisciplined? >> look at him ethically. >> i'm not talking about 13 years ago. >> nancy pelosi. >> what about this campaign? >> in this campaign? >> everyone is saying he hasn't had an unspoken thought and he's undiscipline. tell me what he's done in this campaign to back that up. >> talking about his career. >> that's fair. >> why are you so gangbusters for newt? does he have something on you, sean? >> nobody has anything on me, sean. you are the only one. >> the governor was eluding to that. >> i'm with you, sir. we should go on the road together. the governor and the italian. >> you have nice teeth, by the way. >> thank you very much. >> it cost a lot of money. go ahead. >> 13 years ago they were
9:49 pm
crooked and you changed. >> i fell off a roof and broke every one of them. i fell three stories and busted my face up and dislocated my elbow. >> things were so bad you have to have a roof job? >> that was years ago. >> why is chris christie getting attack for being fat? >> and your husband is skinny. we have to look at the way people look? >> i agree. >> you don't feed them. you never give him a stake. >> he eats his raw radishes. >> who is best to win? it's all about winning in november. >> romney. romney all the way. mitt romney. >> my answer is i think anybody can beat obama. >> anybody? >> not anybody in the republicans. >> i like romney. romney is better as a candidate this time around. i like romney, i like his family, and i don't even want to hear about romneycare anymore. i'm sick of it. >> look, if you look at his polls, you can can look at him
9:50 pm
two ways. right now newt has the ascendancy, can he keep it? and romney has been steady eddie. >> the whole thing is changed because of herman cain. you have to consider that. i don't think cain was of a factor. >> i don't understand what is going on in the party that romney keeps -- >> you are a liberal. what do you know about that? >> he said he likes romney. >> why have me here if i can't talk? for my good looks, probably. >> you are the one that goes swimming naked. >> how do you know that? >> he said that. >> he said it on the air. >> i was a member of the boys club in providence, rhode island and i was on the swim team and they had an all-boys naked swim. >> can you imagine that now? >> oh, geez. >> because you are repressed. >> can we get back to the general election, please? >> yes. >> my point is i don't understand why romney keeps being an also-ran in this party.
9:51 pm
>> he's not an also-ran. >> he should be at the top of the heap. >> but he has to be the flavor of the day. >> he's not, but. >> either rollins or somebody earlier said, i think he has played it too safe. >> now it's time to no longer be safe because newt is coming on pretty strong. >> i agree. >> i agree. i want somebody who is going to fight and punch back hard. >> and he can't get whiney like he did. he just can't do that. >> he knows that, he knows that. >> but i'm for romney, though. i want romney. >> you and your husband are for romney. i got that. >> he feels like the kid at the high school dance. >> what does jon stewart, the buddy you write for, want to win? >> i don't write for them. >> you write jokes for them. >> i don't know. i'm not in his head. >> in other words, who do other liberals like yourself want to win? >> why do you label me with that broad stroke? >> because you work on that show i figured you are a liberal. >> i'm a little monkey. i do nothing over there. >> do you use my jokes?
9:52 pm
>> yeah. >> how do you have yourself identified. >> as a liberal. >> moderate, inned depend? >> a comedian. >> you are the comedian. >> i'm not here to represent him. >> by the way, this book by bob is really good. more with the great, great, great american panel. imus is going to kill y
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
>> why are you giving me input about your own party? just let it go >> she hasn't invited everybody. she's planning it. >> what is today, december 7th? you don't think she already sent invitations out? >> no, she didn't. and you think your husband is going to come to a party in florida? >> that doesn't matter. we still get an invite. >> nobody got an invite because i put a stop to it >> so you are not having the party? >> can we get on to something serious? >> why don't you want to have a party? >> because i'm 50 years old. i'm getting fat and gray, how do i know? because her husband called me fat every day on the air. >> you have to change your mind, your thinking. >> from what? your son called me a pelican one day here on the show. >> shame on you. >> a pelican? why? >> because he said i had a
9:57 pm
pelican-like chin. >> no, more turkey-like. >> okay. >> and he likes florida, so. >> maybe jay leno. >> i lost 15 pounds and i still don't get credit. >> can we get back to romney? >> what do you want to say? go ahead. >> he's the guy. >> and read the book. >> here's my address for the invitation to your party. >> i'm going to give it to don so he can kick your, you know what, for hitting on his wife. here's romney on cavuto from earlier today. let's roll the tape. >> hello? look. politics is not my career. my career was in the private sector. my passion is my family and my kids and my grandkids. and i want to get america strong for them and for the people of america. that's why i am in this. if i'm lucky enough to be president i'm not going to be playing, what, 80 ored 0 rounds of golf, i'm not going to be going off tore hawaii or any other spot for three weeks. i'm going to focus on helping the american people get good
9:58 pm
jobs and rising incomes. >> i thought that was good. >> your audio -- >> i think he's done really, really well in how he's conducted himself. i thought the four hour interview was really good but i also think newt gingrich did really good. >> you have this thing with gingrich. it's unbelievable. what is going on? >> one issue in the campaign is is my college graduate kid going to get a job? is there a job out there? that's the real issue. it's a serious issue. and i think romney -- >> is the only reason you don't like gingrich is elect ability? is that the only thing you have? >> i think romney is a better manager. >> much better manager. he is the manager. >> and gingrich is going to be good for romney because if he gets through this it will really test him. >> it is good for everybody. >> yeah. and romney against obama, romney will be and is a good manager and obama has proven already to be a horrible manager. >> i agree with all of that. that's why i'm anybody but obama. >> and here's the problem with
9:59 pm
romney and i don't mean this as a joke. a lot of people feel he comes off too plastic. he's good for the conservatives. he doesn't like global warming basedn how much hairspray he uses. but the fact of the matter -- >> at least he has hair that is his own. >> what is that, do you recall? >> i spent $63 on this. >> that's as much as i spend on my teeth. >> what about my hair some. >> you look the best of anybody. ask paul, he's been telling you all night. >> yes, mrs. imus. >> i can't wait to tune into imus tomorrow to watch him kick your -- >> you are create something that never happened. >> mrs. imus, tell the truth. didn't he say -- >> i can't reveal. >> didn't he say my wife is -- >> and you didn't have any pans on when you said that. >> excuse me, i have my jeans on. i never not wear my jeans everywhere i go. i love your book. and i hope your husband was watching. it will be a full feature on tomorrow's show.


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